An Award Winning Company

Malaysia’s first low-fare bus carrier

In 2006 founder and CEO Chris S. Thiagarajah decided it was time for a change in the ground passenger transportation industry, and mainly between Kuala Lumpur and the low-cost carrier terminal (LCC-T).

Because – literally, in some cases – the taxi ride to and from LCCT would cost more than the flight itself. Until SkyBus was launched.

A taxi ride to the airport would easily cost you RM 80. That is… if you’re lucky enough to have a taxi driver who follows the taxi fares set by SPAD – Malaysia’s Land Public Transport Commission. With the launch of SkyBus in 2006, this paradox was put to a stop and travellers could start enjoying a comfortable 1-hour or so long bus ride to the airport the price of a Skybus Ticket is RM12.00 to KL Sentral.


What we stand for

We stand for providing the lowest prices for the most comfortable and safe bus ride possible, and always making sure you as a passenger are priority #1



SkyBus transports thousands of passengers on a daily basis. Safety, therefore, is our main concern. We comply with all SPAD regulations and road safety guidelines, and have installed the latest technology in our buses to ensure your safety, such as speed limit buzzers and GPS tracking.


Your bus ride to the airport should be comfortable, which is why you will find professional and reliable staff on every SkyBus and you will have extra leg room.


Lowest prices

There is no cheaper way to get to klia2 then using SkyBus. By keeping our costs low and our operations effective you save money on your bus ride

Customer Service

We are always making sure our customers are happy, and we respond to support requests within 12 hours. If you have any questions or suggestions you can always email us or call our Customer Support Hotline during office hours.


Reliable & Timely

You need to be at the airport in time. We get it! The last thing you need is having to worry about a bus that is late, or stuck in traffic for that matter (we all know KL’s notorious traffic). Which is why SkyBuses follow a strict schedule and we avoid highways whenever there’s a jam to ensure your timely arrival.

About the founder

Chris was born in Kuala Lumpur and raised in Banting, Selangor, spending his childhood at Boh’s Bukit Cheeding Estate in Banting. His life changed rapidly when he was selected for a sponsorship for his secondary and tertiary education in England. He went on to pursue economics at the University of Warwick in England, finishing with an Honours Degree.

Chris About Founder Pic


When returning back at home base, he joined Boh Plantations – Malaysian prominent tea manufacturer (if you’re in Malaysia, we highly recommend you visit Cameron Highlands where most large Boh Plantations are located – it’s beautiful!). In Boh Plantations Chris went through many positions, from working in the plantation sector, managing Boh’s Singapore Market, until he finally settled as the Head of Marketing.

After 15 years at Boh, he resigned in 2001. This stemmed from a long desire to carve out his own path as an entrepreneur and business leader. While deciding on his next career move, he supplemented his savings by carrying out financial consultancy work. Soon, he came up with an idea to set up shop as a new media owner, opening up a largely untapped market of taxi and bus advertising. While it proved to be lucrative, he decided that he wanted to be a brand owner himself. Hence in 2006, SkyBus was born.

With its new low-cost based business model, Skybus has rapidly changed the transportation industry in Malaysia and very soon won several awards for its outstanding services.


About Your SkyBus

Bus Interior

Bus Specifications



The attention to detail sets our buses apart from most buses. Every part of the interior has been carefully considered, and created for maximum comfort – hey, you’re gonna be in there for a while, might as well be enjoyable, right? The seats are comfortably designed and help your spine adjust to its natural curve.

There is generous leg room for each passenger – over 30% more than any bus other bus departing from KL Sentral to klia2. Every seat is provided with removable armrests.

Driver’s Bay

The driver’s bay is designed in a way so that the driver’s position is almost fully customizable, so the driver can assume a position that is optimum for his vision and posture. A panoramic view gives the driver a perfect view on everything on the road ahead.

If you’re really into buses and you want to know every little thing there is to know about ours, you can view detailed specifications here.


Fleet & Safety Regulations

All of our buses are equipped with GPS monitoring and are monitored around the clock to ensure the safety of our passengers. Our drivers are well-experienced and aware of dangerous points along the highway. If a bus breaks down, we will send a backup bus to make sure you arrive at your destination timely.
Our buses follow strict regulations from the SPAD.We make sure that our passengers safety and comfort
If you see our drivers are driving dangerously, please don’t hesitate to call our hotline.

More leg room

Cheap doesn’t equal less quality, at least not in our books. SkyBuses have over 30% more leg room that any other bus departing from KL Sentral and heading to klia2.