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The Buses

Does SkyBus have compartments for luggage?

There are ample compartments for luggage and our staff is more than happy to help you load your luggage into the compartment. However, for safety reasons our staff cannot assist you unloading your luggage by default. If you can’t unload your luggage yourself, please approach one of our ground staff and of course they will be happy to assist you.

What is the seating arrangement on the bus?

There are two seats on either side of the bus with an aisle in the middle. Naturally, if you have any special requests please get in touch with our customer support or ground staff and we will do our best to fulfill any requests you may have.

What is the seating capacity of SkyBus?

All our Skybuses can seat 44 people comfortably.

LCCT KL/klia2

Where can I find more information about klia2?

You can find more information about klia2 on the official klia2 website:


Where can I find more information about KLIA?

You can find more information about KLIA on the official KLIA website:

Feedback & Complaints

What do I do if I have a complaint or feedback?

We’re sorry to hear you have a complaint, but we’d love to hear about it so that we can improve our service. Please send your complaint or feedback to

The Schedule

How reliable is the SkyBus service especially in the early hours of the morning?

Very reliable. SkyBus follows a strict schedule. We strive for excellence by keeping a close watch on punctuality for buses departing and arriving. However, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, timing may be compromised. Rest assured, we have enough buses on standby to stand in should any unforeseen event occur, and our staff will keep informed in such events.

Is the SkyBus service available daily from Monday to Sunday?

SkyBus operates daily, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, including public holidays. At KL SENTRAL, during peak times, buses run at 15-minute intervals and at off peak times, they run at 30-minute intervals. SkyBus schedules are available at KL Sentral and klia2 - KLIA.

Is your SkyBus convenient to travel with small kids in town?

Most definitely, and safe as well. There are safety belts installed in every seat to keep your kids in their seats, and our staff can help you stowing any additional luggage you may carry for your children. Besides that, children under the age of 3 travel for free.

Bus Fares

How do I make a booking for groups larger than 20?

Please contact our group booking department at for enquiries of more than 20 persons, so we can make the necessary arrangement together.

What is the fare for children?

Children below the age of 3 travel for free. For children above 3-11 years it is RM10 per child from KL Sentral to klia2 - KLIA or KLIA - klia2 to KL Sentral route one-way. (Only applicable for counter purchase)

Is there a Senior Citizen fare?

Yes, there is. Malaysian citizen aged 60 years and above are eligible for a special fare at RM 10 per person from KL Sentral to klia2 - KLIA or KLIA - klia2 to KL Sentral route one-way. (Only applicable for counter purchase with proof of identitiy card)

Is the ticket price the same regardless of time of departure?

Yes. Whether you take the bus early in the morning, in the afternoon, or in the middle of the night, the ticket price is same.

Directions & Locations

How do I find the bus terminal at KL Sentral?

At KL Sentral, the SkyBus terminal is located at the Lower Ground floor, facing the open air car park and Jalan Tun Sambanthan.

How do I find the bus terminal at klia2?

At klia2 Airport, Skybus departs from the bus platform at Level 1 Transportation Hub. Tickets can also be purchased inside both International & Domestic Arrival Halls.

How do I find the bus terminal at KLIA?

At KLIA Airport, the bus terminal is on the ground floor of Block C Annexe, which is a 3 minute walk from the arrival hall at the main terminal hall building. There are bus ticket counters here as well.

Does the bus go straight to klia2 - KLIA or does it stop anywhere else?

SkyBus is a direct shuttle between KL Sentral/ and klia2 - KLIA. The bus does not make any stops along the way.

From klia2, how does one get to KLIA?

You can use a train between klia2 and KLIA. The fare is RM2 one way. Proceed to the information counter at klia2 to get all the information you need.

Where are the nearest hotels to KL Sentral located?

The KL Hilton and Le Meridien are located next to KL Sentral. Across Jalan Tun Sambanthan, you will find many budget hotels. For more information on hotels we suggest you use

Reservations & Bookings

Can I purchase the bus tickets in advance?

Yes. You can order your ticket on, however booking your ticket in advance does not secure your seat, the seats are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Is this service only for those who carry AirAsia flight tickets or can anyone use this mode of transportation?

This service is for everyone, you do not need an AirAsia flight ticket per se.

Are there any terms and conditions attached to the price?

Yes. Please read our terms and conditions here as stated on the ticket and as extensively outlined in this website.

What time is your ticket counter open at klia2?

From 4.30 a.m. until 2.30 a.m. at klia2.

What time should I book for domestic flight ?

Check in at klia2 two hours before departure. Time slot recommended is minimum 3 hours prior. Example: your flight departs from klia2 at 9:30pm, the recommended SkyBus time slot for you would be 6:30pm.

What time should I book for international flights ?

Check in at klia2 2.5 hours prior to flight departure. Time slot recommended is minimum 3.5 hours prior. Example: your flight departs from klia2 at 9:30pm, the recommended SkyBus time slot for you would be 6:00pm.

Does Skybus stop in klia2 or outside the airport

Yes there is parking available.

Can we store a large items such as a surfboard, a bicycle, or a TV in the bus compartment?

Yes, you can take your sports equipment and place into a bus compartment if it is properly packed to prevent the damage. In case of full capacity of the bus and lot of luggage it might occur that we cannot carry your oversized equipment, in such case we’d recommend for you to take the following bus (so if you are carrying large luggage, please make sure you arrive at the SkyBus terminal 15 minutes earlier than usual).

Can we pay online ticket by debit card beside credit card

Yes, you can use your debit card while paying online.