I would like to express my appreciation towards your professionalism in handling my report and your consideration is highly appreciated.

I am hoping also that you could kindly pass my utmost gratitude for the outstanding customer service showed by Puan Nora to my family Y.M Raja Norazlina and Puteri Naazneen at One Utama's bus counter during my departure on 13th January 2018.

Regards, Asrol Rawi
Positive customer service experience, able to address my problem and solve it.

Regards, Sun Yuan
Thank you for your kind assistance. Such a great customer service job. Speedy reply and very informative.

Cheers, Azlianalot
Thank you so much for your prompt reply in emails and services provided. Keep it up! Thank you!!!

Best regards, Patricia
Thank you very much for your flexible assistance to amend the ticket date due to unintentional change of my flight itinerary. It's really impressive for me to receive your response within less than 2 hours and although it's my first time purchasing bus tickets from Skybus, I believe that I'll have great experience with your service ahead.

Thank u my friend. I travelled in Malaysia on May this year, it was a happy journey. Thank u for your service! If I was going to Kuala Lumpur in the future,I will always choose the SkyBus.“

Dear Skybus,

I work as a pilot for AirAsia and have been taking the Skybus to work for the past 4 years. A few weeks ago after a very tiring flight, i accidentally dropped my passport in the bus late at night on the way back to KL Sentral. I realized this only after getting off and the bus had gone. It was the last bus and there was no Skybus staff to assist me at that time. As passports are very valuable to be sold on the black market, my situation felt very desperate as i was sure there was no way i was going to be able to get my passport back.

About an hour later, on my way to the police station to make a report, i decided to go back to KL sentral to try and look for it again. I met two Skybus staff preparing for the first morning bus (i cant remember their names) who helped me identify the driver based on the time the bus arrived in KL Sentral. His name was Nazri. They called him on my behalf, and i spoke to him explaining my situation.

He had already gone Home to sleep after a long day’s work, but took the trouble to wake up and check the bus. He said the passport was under the seat where i had dropped it. I went over to his place to get it from him. He was so tired, that he went back to sleep but made sure his wife was waiting for me with the passport when i arrived. I was so thankful to Nazri and his wife that i then offered a substantial cash reward for their trouble and honesty, which his wife declined to accept.

My job requires me to travel all the time, and had i not gotten back my passport, things would have been very difficult for me. The honesty and integrity of Nazri, and the kindness of your other 2 staff who initially helped me get in touch with him, saved me a lot of trouble.

Their conduct reflects splendidly both on them, and Skybus company. I hope Nazri (and the other 2 staff whose names i will definitely get and send to you if i see them again) are recognized for what they did that day. In this day and age, this kind of honesty and willingness to help a stranger out, is truly remarkable.

Thank you.

Dear K Monica, I had a happy trip. Thank you so much. Your service is amazing. We dont have plan to come to Kul this period. But next year I will come there and book your service online. Thank you. Have a nice day.

Thank for Sky Bus staff; the Driver (Bus6855 staff; Tava).

Yesterday i have forgot my baggage in the bus, when i go back the KL Sentral in 10min the bus is went to lcct, and the station is empty no one there, luckily found 1 of your staff and he manage to call the driver and told me come back in 0130 the bus will back from lcct. I worry some one outsider has been taken my baggage, i wait til the time the bus is back. Finally Mr.Tava told me my bag is in the bus. I really happy & appreciate it. He so responsible & honest, really big thank from him. Wish him & SkyBus always have a good day.

Lai Mun Han
Saya dah dapat semula tab samsung yang tertinggal di dalam bus skybus semalam.terima kasih di atas bantuan pihak skybus yang memberi respon dan bantuan yang cepat dan terbaik.juga kepada pemandu bas yang sudi pulangkan barang tersebut..saya harap pihak skybus dan airasia akan lebih maju kerana memberi bantuan dan servis yang terbaik..terima kasih..

Shazrina Ramli